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Monday 26 September 2011

The Party, The Platform and the Person

Two weeks and counting until the voters of NL get to decide who forms the next Government of NL, while simultaneously choosing a person to represent each of the 48 electoral districts. I have little doubt that anything I write or say will be sen as blatantly partisan so I'll keep it brief and factual.

When I vote in any election my decision is based on three main factors: the party, the platform, and the person. Those three factors are all equally important in making an educated and informed decision. While the issue of the person and the issue of the party are sometime very personal opinions, the policies of those people and parties are public documents that can, and should be publicly debated.

All three parties have now released their platforms and my suggestion is simple: GO READ THEM! If you are even slightly considering parking your vote with a party then you should at least take the time to have a skim through the platform documents. To make things a little easier for you I'll provide direct links to each policy document so you can go and do you democratic duty.

PC Policy Platform

NDP Policy Platform

Liberal Policy Platform 

Whatever you do, even if you don't know the proposed policies of the party you plan to vote for (shame on you) then you should at least get out and vote. Earlier in the year I wrote a spot on how NL has seen democracy over the years here, and I wrote this satirical piece on voter turnout here. Don't let apathy win, encourage everyone to get out and vote on October 11th!

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