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Friday 30 September 2011

At The Doors

Normally I do my best to keep my blogging and politics separate, but for a brief moment I wanted to post a few notes regarding some of the issues that have come up during my conversations with people in the Terra Nova District. I simply want to provide a simple list of the issues with no political commentary from me.

In no special order these are the main items that have been mentioned thus far:

  • Healthcare. Wait times and availability of services and family Dr.s 
  • Muskrat Falls. Mostly people wanting more information and less rhetoric. 
  • Roads and other infrastructure. 
  • Public service pensions.
  • Seniors issues. In a general sense with healthcare, places to stay and otherwise.
  • Small Business development and assistance. 
As I said no partisan comments from me just the top half dozen issues. There are some others but these are the most popular.

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