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Thursday 18 August 2011

Political Fortitude

Go read page 5 of todays(August 18th) Telegram.

So you got to see some pics and read a quote from me saying that I'm still planning to run for the Liberal Party in Bonavista South. What else would you expect from someone who is committed to positive change, and who just ran for the leadership of the party?

You will also have read about a candidate who has decided to jump ship because he's unhappy with the new direction of the leadership. Well Mr. Baird, let me first say what a pleasure it is to see how committed you are to the Liberal Party and the positive direction we are working toward in NL! Sheesh. You're well aware that my preferred choice for leader wasn't successful either, but all that does is change my focus to bringing positive change over the long run from the inside. I'm not just running away.

Sure I understand that people have every right to leave a party or change parties if they no longer feel aligned with the direction the party is taking. But if you choose to leave who will make the change you want to see? How about a little backbone or perseverance here?

I mean the objective is to make things better isn't it? If all you wanted to do was win then you'd gladly sell your self, and choose the party you thought would win instead of they party you actually support. Unlike a recent former Auditor General...

We have to work hard to make things different, and we can't just cut and run because we don't like a decision made by party leaders. It just goes to show that there are certain folks who don't have the fortitude required to make change happen

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