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Friday 15 April 2011

Cooperation: The new buzz word.

Check out this story over at The Telegram about a discussion session and a related project that involves some research from MUN and some municipalities in NL. The Memorial Presents session was held by The Leslie Harris Centre at MUN and was also related to a day long discussion on regional opportunities in the Northeast Avalon area.

Cooperation is the new buzz word for good reason. It is being recognized as one of the key ways to address many community and regional level issues in a time of limited municipal resources.

The project that is referred to in the article is discussed in detail over at the Municipalities NL(one of the partners) website here, and I'm proud to say that I played a small role in the early stages when I worked with MNL. Two MUN Profs are directly involved in the project, Dr. Alvin Simms, and Dr. Kelly Vodden, both with the Dept. of Geography.

One of the most interesting outputs will be an online tool that provides GIS data for all parts of the province based on labour market flows and "functional regions," or in other words, where people live, go to work, to school, to buy groceries and so on. I asked Rob Greenwood (Director of The Harris Centre) when the tool would be live and useable online and he assured me it would be running by September. I plan on holding him to that!

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