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Thursday 6 February 2014

No choice at all

In recent weeks the Liberal Caucus has been growing by leaps and bounds. It was no shock to any who were paying attention to see the 2 former NDP MHAs slip on a red jacket and join up with the party currently topping the polls. Some are asking if it was a good move by the two amigos or by the welcoming party?

For Mitchelmore and Kirby there were really very few options. It certainly appeared that they had drawn a line in the sand at Lorraine's feet and they were not willing to kneel before her and kiss those feet. So they couldn't go back. They had spent nearly every waking moment since their election bashing the current Government/Party so if they had any hope of holding on to a shred of integrity they couldn't go blue.

The only options that remained were to remain as independents or to join up with the crew at the top of the polls. As independents they would have limited resources and severely limited abilities in the House of Assembly. Plus running in the next election, even as incumbents, they would still face a full slate of candidates from the NDP, PCs and Liberals. On the other hand they could move to the Liberals. A party that has been riding a rising wave of public support for nearly a year, including a very surprising defection of a well know PC mouthpiece in Paul Lane. In addition moving from the far-left NDP to the just-left-of-center Liberals isn't a huge ideological leap. Partially since political ideologies are almost nonexistent in Nl on a practical basis, despite the rhetoric at election time.

In the end the switch from Orange to Red makes so much sense its a wonder Lorraine herself hasn't been looking for a deal! Then again, maybe she has...

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