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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Up and Running

September the 24th will be here before we know it. And that's a big deal because it's municipal election day in Newfoundland and Labrador. So wherever you live be sure and get out and vote!

If you happen to live in, or know someone who lives in the great town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove Outer Cove then you may know that I'm running for that council, and you should check out my campaign website at

My campaign is simple and based on my years of experience in the municipal sector, and in areas of community development and strategic planning.

Unfortunately I've just today received some disheartening news regarding the election in my Town. All candidates have been invited to an event in the City if St. John's hosted by the Board of Trade. A meet and greet, of sorts, that was open to all candidates from surrounding municipalities. It's a great idea and I appreciate the invitation, but I'm not sure many residents of LB-MC-OC will attend.

As such I made a request to my town to host a similar, simple "meet and greet" style event. My response came today from the town office:
"Just ran this by council last night. Unfortunately, no one was in favor of hosting an event at this time."
We only get to choose a council once every 4 years, and I find it unfortunate that this council doesn't appear interested in providing one event where residents can come together to meet the people who want to make important decisions on their behalf.

In the beginning I wanted to volunteer my experience to help make good decisions for our town. Now it seems, I will also be running to ensure that people have every opportunity to become involved and engaged in the municipal process.


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