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Monday 11 February 2013

What is Real Leadership, and Where can it be Found?

That's a question that has to be on the minds of each of the three major Provincial Parties in recent days.  The PC's know Kathy is not a strong leader and she'll not likely lead into the next election. The NDP has surged under Lorraine but again she is unlikely to lead the party into the polls either. Unfortunately neither party has much of an heir apparent to step in and take the reigns. Then there's the Liberal Party...

Take a few minutes and pop over to Sir Robert Bond papers and have a read about the Latest Candidate who Never Was. Ed points out that the party is still struggling and despite the myriad of names of potential suitors there have been no real declared candidates. The Party still needs all the things I mentioned in this post almost a year ago, and in the face of the "Renewal Tour" very little real renewal seems to have taken place. It has to start with a leader who has vision, passion, drive and is willing to push the boundaries and embrace change. Maybe we've met that person, maybe we haven't. Either way the longer the party squabbles about the leadership rules and delays the election, the less time the leader will have to raise funds, organize the troops and lead them into another provincial general election.

P.S. I have been asked if I would consider running again in the next election, or if I would take another shot at the leadership. My response has been similar to Mr. Scott Sims... a good politician never rules anything out.  

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