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Sunday 18 November 2012

Muskrat Falls...Again

I recently said I was done writing and talking about Muskrat Falls for a little while because all I heard and read was a back and for over what is largely the same information, or lack thereof. There have been a few new developments since that post so I felt a quick update was required. Government has released a couple more reports to support the project but the opposition still remains strong and is actually getting some degree of organization. 

This fine song has been posted on youtube and shared around Facebook and Twitter, and was the work of Con O'Brien and a group calling themselves The People's Assembly. You can check out their web site here. While its not a wealth of information yet, it is the beginning of some kind of organization to the public disliking of the Muskrat Falls project. I like it because it appears to be largely non-political and they are organizing a rally Sunday November 18 (today) to indicate just how unhappy some are with the project. I will be joining the rally. 

I hope the event is largely non-political but I do expect some of the NDP and Liberal MHA's will show up to get on the news and such. The ridiculous part is that neither of the opposition parties have taken a stand on the project for fear of being wrong, or more accurately for fear of making some supporters upset. It's called the courage of your convictions, and we could use a little right now from some of our politicians.  

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