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Monday 8 October 2012

I'm Done with Muskrat Falls

I'm a bit of a news hound. I enjoy reading, watching searching out the facts behind the stories. When it comes to the media coverage of Muskrat Falls I've had my fill and now I'm done reading the same stuff over and over.

Dunderdale and her gaggle of re-tweeters in conjunction with Nalcor will continue to say the same things over and over in hopes that some it will become more convincing. It won't. Then there are the "naysayers" who either flat out think its the biggest mistake ever or at least feel we need to make sure this is the right project to dump billions of dollars into while at the same time causing residential  electrical rates to skyrocket.

While there's not much doubt as to which side I'm on I am tired of hearing the same stuff from both sides. Very rare is the occasion that any new and relevant piece of information reaches the masses. With  the same people saying the same things without any real debate it's starting to sound worse then the "debates" in the House of Assembly. It has lang since deteriorated into a he said - she said scenario.

The latest development being the development of two teams of business professionals lining up behind their respective camps to try and bring public support around to their side. Sigh. There is no doubt that this is an incredibly  important issue and certainly deserves media coverage and extensive debate. Unfortunately the media coverage is of the same items and people and there is no real debate. This project will go ahead unless the current Government burns so much political capital trying to sell the deal that they decide it's better off to let it die, but that's unlikely at this point. Unfortunately I'd say it's a done deal, the people decided that when they voted in the current Government last year. Yet one more reason why I'm done listening to the Muskrat Falls "news".

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