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Monday 23 January 2012

2nd Place for the Win!

Welcome to the Best Political/Commentary Blog in NL!

It's always nice to win, but it's certainly sad to see one less voice on the old interweb driving public debate. So while I'm glad to say that I am now the winner of the best Political/Commentary Blog over at the NL Blog Roll, it is unfortunate that it has come at the disappearance of The Fighting Newfoundlander blog, formerly written by Shannon Reardon.

As outlined by Geoff Meeker on his blog here, Shannon has recently taken a position with the Official Opposition as a Communications Specialist and as a result her blog has not only gone silent, it has gone missing. Geoff questions the need for her previous posts to be removed and I agree that it seems a little extreme. Shannon was never one to shy away from letting her opinion be know and I and many others respected her for that. But now those thoughts are lost to us. And for those of us who may have linked to her previous posts from time to time we have some dead links to fix!

When I found out I was nominated back in September I posted this short piece noting that I was in fine company with my fellow nominees. I stand by that assessment and I still feel that Ed Hollett writes the finest local political blog at the Sir Robert Bond Papers

I will miss reading Shannon's musings but I'm glad to say that there are a raft of local folks who take the time to share their thoughts with us all. As a final note I will share with you some of those who are on my regular reading list:

Of course all of these and many more are accessible via Eli Harris over at the NL Blog Roll. 

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