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Friday 30 December 2011

It's A Tough Call

2011, like the month of December is drawing to a close. Unlike the month of December we shall not see another 2011. Following an odd year for yours truly, December has been a month of contemplation and  reflection. All that thinking has unfortunately made my head hurt and my fingers stop working as they should. Hence the serious lack of posts this month. 

This year saw me take two months(and then some) off from work to follow a dream of being an elected MHA. Unfortunately that lack of steady employment has continued into the winter and has led to some of the aforementioned serious contemplation. What I will do for a job and where I will do it has been an issue in the past, but the serious lack of financial resources has put quite a fine point on it this December. 

When I finished my first Degree from MUN I was just married and we were on the verge of moving to Ontario for work. It was out of necessity not desire to leave. Don't get me wrong, there was excitement about moving to a new place and I was ready to cut a new path in a new place. But the trip, not unlike the marriage wasn't meant to be. 

I have moved to Labrador West for work for a couple of years, but until now I have never been closer to taking a job out west. My own internal conflict is largely of little interest to most of you I'm sure but there are two songs that do a very good job of summarizing the conflict that I, and many others feel. 

Should I Stay? 

Or Should I go?

It is a decision I made once before and I will have to make again. For now I can be thankful that the things that keep me here in NL make me very happy, even if I'm not very wealthy! 

Thanks for reading and have a great 2012!

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  1. Ryan, whatever you do, I am sure you will do with enthusiasm and there is no reason you can't come back to the politucal scene. In fact, it would be a shame to lose a young man of your intellect, passion, and love for this province.

    Do what you have to do for now but keep your options open.


    Cyril Rogers