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Friday 1 July 2011

Rural NL: Evolution in Action.

It's only been a few days of Judging for the Tidy Towns competition but the communities are keeping us very busy with tours of their fantastic gardens, green spaces and local heritage sites. The visiting and the evaluating is quite time consuming but so very rewarding.

Have only visited the municipalities of Port Blandford and Dover so far, but the success stories of those communities are astounding. The communities are not just surviving, but they are thriving in their own ways. They may look and behave a little different, but the sole of the people and the place that they occupy is alive and strong. I do hope to have an entry dedicated to those communities that we get to visit this year. Perhaps a slide-show and a couple special stories will provide a small taste of just how wonderful life in rural NL can be.

There is a time to point out issues and concerns but I expect to hear more positive stories of communities continuing to develop their new identities in the face of those ongoing challenges. Canada Day will be spent mostly in the beautiful town of Appleton, followed by a continuation of our journey westward and then down to Ramea.

I will update when possible, but to be honest I'm having far too good a time meeting the people of rural NL to be distracted by something as silly as the internet! lol

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