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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Scary Times and one Brave Soul

So we finally have a majority federal government, and in this case it's pretty darn scary.

Prime Minister Harper finally got what he wanted, complete control over the Government of Canada. He and his conservative party have been eagerly awaiting the day when they could push through most any legislation that they wish. While some argue that a majority government is a good thing, and can streamline the legislative process. Unfortunately streamlining is not always a good thing. The beauty of minority governments is that it is a delicate balancing act between all the parties, and therefore balancing the wishes of the majority of voters. What we have now is a party who only has support of just under 40% of the population but yet get to rule as they see fit.

Unfortunately for us folks who live in Atlantic Canada that likely means serious cuts to two of the federal departments that a actually have offices, and do actual work around here; ACOA and DFO. The Telegram has a story in todays edition that touches on the cuts. And the funny thing is that apparently the St. John's Board of Trade is supportive of this approach... So I'm guessing that none of the Board of Trade members have taken advantage of ACOA funding in the past right?......yeah.

Thankfully there has been at least one brave voice in the wilderness pointing out just how dangerous this party and government might be for Canadians. Her name is Brigette DePape and she put her job on the line to let people know just how she felt about the current administration. She has been criticized by political leaders and news writers alike but when it comes down to it she showed more backbone with a simple sign then the majority of politicians recently elected. The best commentary available on her silent protest was by Jian Ghomeshi over on the CBC Radio program Q. We should all go have a listen here, and if we're lucky a little of her gumption might just rub off on a few of us.

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